White & Case Universe is:
  • an online interactive resource that assists clients in implementing and coordinating their compensation and benefits, global employment, and labor strategies around the world;
  • a secure client extranet site providing access to the knowledge, experience and global network of White & Case;
  • a means to exchange and store documentation; and
  • a host area to gather and archive materials related to a specific project, as well as contact information for team members from White & Case and those designated at the client who are key to the project.
It features new developments for a number of countries, including very detailed summaries of the local country laws relating to global plans, including compensation practices, employment/labor law, securities law, data protection, taxation, withholding and reporting requirements, and exchange controls.
Included on White & Case Universe are our Countries at a Glance summaries, which set out summaries of the law in 40 countries, which are updated for the latest developments twice each year, in relation to the following:
  • Option Plans;
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans;
  • Restricted Stock and Restricted Stock Units; and
  • Data Privacy.
For additional information about White & Case Universe, please contact us at benefits@whitecase.com.

This summary is intended to reflect local law and practice as at 1 April 2014. Words beginning with capital letters and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning set out in the glossary. Please note, however, that recent amendments and legal interpretations of the local law may not be included in these summaries.  In addition, corporate governance, administration, and option design facts that are specific to your company may impact how the local laws affect the company’s equity based compensation plans.