Remote Network Access with Cisco AnyConnect VPN | Connecting to the VPN
Connecting to the VPN
Step 1: Click the Start button and enter Cisco in the search field.
You don’t see the Start button? Press the Windows logo key.
Step 2: Select Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. The Cisco Any Connect client displays.
For quicker access next time, add Cisco AnyConnect to your Taskbar or your Start menu by right-clicking in the Start menu and selecting your preference:
Step 3: Click Connect. The credentials dialog displays.
Step 4: Enter your network Username and either:
a) Your RSA SecurID PIN
This is only accepted if your software token is also installed on your Firm laptop and you’ve set up a PIN.
b) Your RSA SecurID Passcode
You must first set up a PIN to authenticate using the software token assigned to you.
Step 5: Click OK. If your network connection is successful, you may confirm your connectivity as follows:
Connection successful (AnyConnect minimized):
Connection successful (AnyConnect maximized):
At any time while working, you may also check the AnyConnect connection icon in the system tray: