Emergency Access to Your Email | EMS Registration
EMS Registration
Some of your contact information is already stored in EMS. Additional contact fields have been added to ensure that the Firm can successfully notify employees in the event of an urgent situation. The instructions below describe how to log into EMS, define your contact information, work hours and the order in which contact methods (telephony, email, etc.) should be utilized.
For a notification to reach your personal devices, you must first (1) register your devices with EMS; (2) add your devices to your notification profiles; and (3) update your date and time preferences.
Accessing EMS
Step 1: From your browser, go to http://dr.whitecase.com. The EMS-Message One login screen displays.
You may also access EMS directly from http://remote.whitecase.com. Click the Emergency Messaging Systems (EMS) link.
Step 2: Enter your White & Case email address in the Email address field.
Step 3: Enter your network password in the Password field.
Step 4: Click Login. You are now logged into the EMS system.
The system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
Part One: Adding Your Devices to EMS
Step 1: From the EMS main screen, click the Notification Options link. The Notifications Options page displays.
Step 2: From the User Editor pane, select Notification Devices. A list of Notification Devices displays.
Step 3: Select the device (e.g., "Home Phone") you wish to configure or edit.
Step 4: From the Notification Devices toolbar, click Edit/Configure. The Edit Standard [name of device] Device dialog displays.
Step 5: Edit as needed and click Save. The device information is updated.
Configured devices are displayed in black font and unconfigured devices are displayed in red font. Only configured devices are ready to receive a notification.
Notification Options Toolbar
New - adds a custom email, phone, or fax device to be configured in the Notification Devices list.
Delete/Reset - unconfigures a selected device.
Disable - renders a selected device inactive.
Enable - activates a selected disabled device.
Part Two:  Adding Your Configured Devices to Your Notification Profile
Your personal escalations provide the system with the order in which to try the devices you configure in case of emergency.
Step 1: From the User Editor pane, select Notification Profiles. The Notifications Profile screen displays the three profiles: After Hours, Business Hours, and Weekend.
Step 2: Select the profile you wish to update (e.g., After Hours) and click Configure. The Edit Notification Profile dialog box displays.
Step 3: From the Drag Devices to Profile pane, select a configured device (e.g. "Home Phone") and drag it to the Profile: [name of profile] pane.
Step 4: Repeat the above steps until all the devices display in the desired order in the Profile: [name of profile] pane.
Re-arranging the Order
Step 1: From the Profile pane, select a device.
Step 2: Drag the selected device either up or down.
Adding Delay Notification Option
Step 3: To add a delay before a device is activated during a notification, from the Drag Devices to Profile pane, drag the After [#] minutes escalate to item over to the Profile pane.
Step 4: To change the delay time, select the After [#] minutes escalate to and click Edit. The Edit/Delay dialog box displays.
Step 5: Enter the time delay desired and click Save.
Step 6: Repeat the above process for the remaining profiles (Business Hours and Weekend).
Click Remove to remove a selected device from the notification profile.
Part Three:  Updating your Time and Date Preferences
Step 1: In the User Editor pane, select Time and Date Preferences.
Step 2: Click Edit. The Edit Time and Date Preferences screen displays.
Step 3: Click the Time Zone drop-down list and select the appropriate time zone to your region.
Step 4: Update other settings as needed.
Step 5: Click Save.

Logging Out Of EMS
When finished, click Log Out from the upper-right part of the EMS main screen.
The system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.