What’s New in OWA on Exchange 2010 | Searching and Filters
Searching and Filters
You've always been able to search your mail when using Outlook Web App. Now you also have the option to use a set of predefined filters to refine your search.
Step 1: Click in the search window at the top of the list of items in any mail, contacts, or task folder.
Step 2: Click the drop-down arrow in the Search window to specify where the search should occur:
Advanced Search
Step 1: By default, Outlook Web searches for results in Subject and message body.
Step 2: To search specifically for subject or message body, click the Advanced Search to display the dialog.
Step 3: Select Results in: and select the drop-down to select Message body or Subject.
Step 4: Select the From field to search for messages from specific senders.
Step 5: Select the Category field to search for messages tagged by category.
To clear your search criteria, click .
Tips on Using Keywords for Searching
When searching in Outlook Web, partial keyword searches are not supported in Outlook Web.
Use exact keywords to perform a favorable search result.
To search for partial matches, you may use a prefix wildcard. In a prefix search, put an asterisk after the word. For example, cat* finds any message that contains catalog, category, catalyst, etc.
Using the Search Filter
Filters allow you to search for messages on one or more criteria.
Step 1: Click the arrow next to the Filter
Step 2: Click the criteria from the drop-down list, and then click Apply.
Step 3: Messages in your email folder will display based on the selected criteria.
Step 4: To remove the filter, click Clear Filter .