Remote Applications Access with Citrix | Citrix Frequently Asked Questions
Citrix Frequently Asked Questions
Do I always need to install the Citrix Client?
No. Citrix Web access works without having to install the Citrix client. Simply select an application from the Citrix applications list and Citrix will automatically download and use a Java client.
Can I print from Citrix?
Yes, most recent commercial printers are supported; however not all home printers can be supported.
Citrix will automatically recognize most plug and play devices, such as home printers or USB sticks. If you are having difficulty installing a printer from home, contact the GTS Service Desk.
Why are Citrix applications not loading?
If you are using the Java client and your Web browser is configured to block pop-ups, then applications will not load. The solution is to either install the Citrix client (preferred solution) or temporarily disable Pop-Up blocking as follows:
Step 1: Launch Internet Explorer.
Step 2: Select Tools | Pop-up Blocker Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.
Step 3: Click the Refresh button in the Internet Explorer toolbar.