Remote Applications Access with Citrix | Accessing Citrix
Accessing Citrix
If you are logging into Citrix from your home PC or Mac for the first time or are prompted to install a newer version of the software, see Installing the Citrix Client.
Step 1: On the Employee Remote Access page under Remote Applications, click your region (Americas, EMEA, or Asia (via Singapore or Asia (via Tokyo) ).
Step 2: From the Citrix XenApp - Logon screen, type your User Name and network Password.
Step 3: Enter your SecurID Passcode.
If SecurID has not been not activated, please contact the GTS Service Desk.

If accessing Citrix from the office, SecurID is not required.
Step 4: Click Login. The Citrix XenApp - Applications window displays with your White & Case applications.
Step 5: Just click an application you wish to open.

To launch the Firm Desktop, double-click either the Citrix Desktop Fullscreen (100% of your screen) or Citrix Desktop (95% of your screen).
The Citrix Desktop at 95% will allow you to easily switch back and forth between your PC Desktop and the Citrix Desktop.
Displayed Messages
Depending on whether you use Windows or Mac, you will receive certain messages while trying to access Citrix applications:
Windows Displayed Messages
If you receive the following message when accessing an application:
First select the Do not ask me again for this site check box and then click No. Otherwise you could compromise data security on your PC.
First select the Do not ask me again for this site check box and then click Block Access.
Mac Displayed Messages
When accessing an application for the first time via your Mac, the following message displays:
If you are using your own Mac, select the Remember these settings for this drive check box and click No Access.
If you haven't installed the Citrix client for Mac
The Connection Center dialog displays after clicking an application.
If a Certificate message displays, click Trust.
If you are using your own Mac, click Yes when the CDM Read Access Warning displays. Click No if you are not using your own Mac and wish to prevent Citrix from writing any files to the hard drive of the Mac you are using.