RSA SecurID for Authentication | Authentication via your BlackBerry
Authentication via your BlackBerry
RSA SecurID on Your BlackBerry
RSA SecurID for the Blackberry provides a software-based security token for accessing the White & Case network remotely. This is an alternative to using the SecurID hardware token. You are required to enter your PIN before a passcode is generated.
Creating a PIN for Logging In Remotely
To access White & Case remote resources (for example, remote applications via Citrix or email via Outlook Web Access) from a PC outside the office, you must first set up a PIN to authenticate using the RSA SecurID token assigned to you.  
If you have a BlackBerry, RSA SecurID is an application on your device and you may create your PIN as follows. If you don’t have a BlackBerry and were issued a hardware token, see Creating a PIN for Logging In Remotely for how to set up your PIN.
Step 1: Access Internet Explorer and type in the Address bar and press Enter. The RSA SecurID site displays.
Step 2: Enter your username in the User ID field.
Step 3: On your BlackBerry, access the RSA SecurID image009.jpg application. The Enter PIN screen displays.
Step 4: Press the Enter key image013.jpg.  
(If you press the trackpad image015.jpg, select Get Passcode.)
An 8-digit Tokencode displays.
Step 5: On the pinsetup screen, enter the 8-digit Tokencode (no spaces) in the Passcode field.
Step 6: Click Log In. You are now in New PIN mode.

Step 7: Enter your new PIN and re-enter it to confirm.
The PIN must be at least 4 digits and may not begin with 0.
Step 8: Click OK. The New PIN accepted message displays.
Step 9: You will now need to authenticate with your new PIN.  Wait for the Tokencode to change on your BlackBerry.
Step 10: On your BlackBerry, return to the Enter PIN screen by pressing the Back key image025.jpg.
Step 11: Enter your new PIN and press the Enter key image013.jpg. An 8-digit Passcode displays.
Step 12: In the PINSETUP screen, enter the 8-digit Passcode displayed on your BlackBerry in the Passcode field and click Log In. An Authentication Succeeded screen displays briefly, followed by the message Congratulations. Your new PIN setup is complete.

Step 13: Click the link to close the window.
Obtaining a Passcode
After you have created a PIN for the software token on your BlackBerry, you may obtain a secure passcode for logging into remote White & Case applications.
Step 1: On your Blackberry, access the RSA SecurID image009.jpg application.
Step 2: Enter your PIN and press the Enter key image013.jpg. An 8-digit number displays.
It is possible to click Get Passcode without entering your PIN; however the passcode will not work.
Step 3: Enter the Passcode in the appropriate field when prompted by a White & Case remote access application (for example, when logging into Citrix or Cisco AnyConnect).
Hiding PIN Entries on your BlackBerry
To keep your RSA SecurID token PIN more secure, you may hide PIN entries on your BlackBerry with the following steps:
Step 1: Access the RSA SecurID application on your BlackBerry.
Step 2: Press the Menu key BBApps.gif and select Settings.
Step 3: For PIN Entry, set the option to Hide
Step 4: Click the Back (Escape) button and select Save at the "Changes made!" prompt.
Changing your PIN
If you have forgotten your PIN or wish to change it:
Step 1: Contact the GTS Service Desk to clear the existing PIN from the system.
Step 2: Set your PIN as described in the following topics:
Creating a PIN for Logging In Remotely (BlackBerry devices)
Creating a PIN for Logging in Remotely (Hardware tokens)